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6214bd226d47f8df0ba5f9af Guar Gum //d2pyicwmjx3wii.cloudfront.net/s/6135a152690696657f71cda4/6214bd236d47f8df0ba5f9cd/webp/guar-gum.jpg SKU-WNDUUCB8GMFZ
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Commodity: Guar Gum

Arya Certified
Hissar, Haryana
Expected Price:   108174 / MT:
QTY: 66.935 MT
MOQ: 20 MT
Parameter Value
Commodity Guar Gum
State Haryana
Location Hissar

Issued Quality Test Data


We understand that knowing quality of product in trade transaction is very important. lf you are at remote location, or your team is busy,you can request arya to arrange for quality testing and share the report with you within 48 hrs to 72 hrs

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